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White House National Security Council 

With every step of the Trump Administraion on close watch, the United States of America strives to maintain its tremendous influence and power, though it continues to lose footing with its allies, However, its aggravatory and divergent role, in the fragile international geopolitical fabric, have not changed the fact that when crisis strikes, eyes will immediatedly turn to the nation, and when they do, the White House National Security Council will be there to assist the world's most powerful man. God Bless America.

Executive Board:

President: Umang Pandey

Vice President: Gaurav Chaand

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Security Council of the Russian Federation

Rising from its Soviet ashes, the Russian Federation continues to garner greater standing and power in its own backyard and across the globe, putting it in a position reminiscent of its golden era. The Russian motherland's pride resides in its people and its able leadership, and the Security Council of the Russian Federation, will go to all lengths, to keep it intact. Hail Mother Russia.

Executive Board:

President: Arun Anand

Prime Minister: Muhammad Azzaam

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State Council of the People's Republic
of China

Distant from its polar image of the past, the adept manner in which China is spreading its dominance and fulfilling its interests across the international spectrum, has allowed it to call the shots from the shadows and gain an immense geopolitical edge. Even as the West becomes increasingly wary of its presence, it continues to foster its relations with it, and this can be alluded to its highly efficient leadership operating through the State Council, which will once again assert the nation's supremacy in times of crisis.

Executive Board:

President: Vishal Chandanani

Premier: Aditya Rangamani

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National Security Council of India

The land of diversity, culture and vitality, has historically enjoyed great prominence as the golden bird of the world, and its government is set to reaffirm its power and importance . As more and more heads turn to the subcontinent, India finds itself right at the forefront, a position it has been cleverly exploiting for its own good, but also a position, which opens itself up for conflicts and clashes, and when they do occur, it will be the National Security Council which will serve and safeguard the glorious nation

Executive Board:

President: Sahil Buch

National Security Advisor: Raj Aryan

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NSC Pakistan

National Security Council of Pakistan

Caught up in the onslaught of scrutiny and hositlity by the international community, while juggling with its own internal issues, Pakistan continues to lose its ground in the international field. However, its government does not let down its stand. With few alliances to trust and a handful of bonds to cherish, Pakistan will not give up, and its National Security Council will strive to achieve the dreams of its founding fathers.

Executive Board:

President: Neev Behal

National Security Advisor: Vedant Sagar                                         

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North Atlantic Council

Forged from the struggles of war, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has always been a peaceful military alliance, stressing on the strategic cooperation and security of its members. The premier Western organization, has weaved a legacy like no other, but faces pressing questions with its relevance and efficiency being challenged by some of its most important members. While the North Atlantic Council will look forward to comprehensive pacific solutions to crises, it will not step back from engaging its members' massive military capacity if the situation demands so.

Executive Board:

Secretary General of NATO: Sharath Nambiar

Deputy Secretary General of NATO: Aakash Pinto

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State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Arguably the most controversial nation, which doesn't fail to make headlines with its actions and decisions, the DPRK continues to stand strong in defiance to its Western counterparts, despite countless impeding measures and sanctions against it. The dream of a unified, powerful, stable and peaceful Korea reigns supreme, as the nation strides to eradicate the "Imperial evil" and achieve its ambitions, and it will be the State Affairs Commission, which shall protect, preserve and further the interests of the adversarial nation, even in the face of the most dire situations.

Executive Board:

Supreme Leader: Anirudh Ramalingam

Premier: Rushil Khare

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