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North Atlantic Council

A mind unfettered in deliberation

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North Atlantic Council

Forged from the struggles of war, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has always been a peaceful military alliance, stressing on the strategic cooperation and security of its members. The premier Western organization, has weaved a legacy like no other, but faces pressing questions with its relevance and efficiency being challenged by some of its most important members. While the North Atlantic Council will look forward to comprehensive pacific solutions to crises, it will not step back from engaging its members' massive military capacity if the situation demands so.

Executive Board:

Secretary General of NATO: Sharath Nambiar                            
Deputy Secretary General of NATO: Aakash Pinto


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Letter from the Executive Board

Dear Delegates,

My name is Sharath Nambiar, and as the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it is my profound honour and privilege to welcome you to the Dubai Model United Nations Crisis Conclave 2018, held by The Indian High School, Dubai.

I am currently in my senior year of high school and have been an avid participator in MUNs around the world for over three years. I have always regarded MUN to be the best forum for debaters such as myself to portray one’s truest colours. From IAEA to Security Council to DISEC to UNICEF to Special Council of Sovereign States (1939), I have multiple chairing and delegate experiences, and I’ve cherished every part of it. Some of my favourite agendas revolve around National Sovereignty and Diplomatic Immunity. My other interests include reading historical adventurous fiction, painting my emotions, and giving unlicensed therapy.

The North Atlantic Council, the primary decision-making body of the NATO, will be the most engaging cabinet of the conclave. Fun-filled with internal crises and the joint crisis updates, you won’t have a second to look away. It will be imperative that you, as the representatives of your respective nations, work together with diligence and precision, with your governments and each other, and seek solutions that can put an end to any conflict that comes your way, while always keeping the best interests of the alliance in mind.

I expect all delegates to come forth with innovative directives that works within the mandate of the North Atlantic Council. My advice to everyone is to research well, be diplomatic and assertive, and always stand your ground. This conference will be filled with nothing but twists and turns and leave you absolutely breathless.

Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Until June,

Yours truly,

Sharath Nambiar 

Secretary General of the NATO

North Atlantic Council at DXBMUNCC’18


Sharath Nambiar

Secretary General of NATO



Aakash Pinto

Deputy Secretary General of NATO