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National Security Council of India

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National Security Council of India

The land of diversity, culture and vitality, has historically enjoyed great prominence as the golden bird of the world, and its government is set to reaffirm its power and importance . As more and more heads turn to the subcontinent, India finds itself right at the forefront, a position it has been cleverly exploiting for its own good, but also a position, which opens itself up for conflicts and clashes, and when they do occur, it will be the National Security Council which will serve and safeguard the glorious nation.

Executive Board:

Prime Minister: Sahil Buch                                
National Security Advisor: Raj Aryan

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Letter from the Executive Board

Dear Delegates,

नमस्ते मित्रों,

I would like to welcome you all to the DXBMUN Crisis Conclave 2018 to be held this summer. As the Prime Minister and head of the National Security Council of the world's largest democracy, it is of utmost importance that I share with you some of my personal details to bring back the “Achhe Din” yet again in 2019 to continue my journey around the world enhancing our image and reputation. 

I am a recent graduate of the IBDP from GEMS Modern Academy and my love for International Relations and Political Science has played an important role throughout my years at High School fortunately becoming the basis of my higher studies. I have been involved with Model United Nations for almost 5 years with several delegate and chairing experiences right from Conventional Committees like the ICAO and IMF to Specialized Committees like the UN Security Council. I was fortunate enough to have served as the Head of Research and Training of Modern MUN in 2016 and to be promoted to Director General in 2017. I currently serve as a Senior Advisor to the Modern MUN 2018 Secretariat. 

Taking advantage of our vast variety of resources, international relations and commerce, we have developed our nation into one of the world’s strongest and emerging economic powers which we shall continue to do in the years to come. As we rise in ranks in global economy and trade, more and more heads are turning towards us and it is our responsibility to safeguard our beloved homeland, India and our long lasting allies behind whom we stand ready to protect in times of difficulty. 

What keeps us strong during times of crisis is the trust between us and our people for whom we keep aside our comfort and work to protect and it is our duty to uphold this trust our people have in us and strengthen our integrity. So let us together fulfill our duties to our people and show them that “Acchhe Din Phir se Zaroor Aayenge”. 

I hope to see you all soon!

Until June,

Warm Regards,

Sahil Buch

Prime Minister of India


Sahil Buch

Prime Minister



Raj Aryan

National Security Advisor