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National Security Council of Pakistan

Faith, Unity, Discipline


National Security Council of Pakistan

Caught up in the onslaught of scrutiny and hositlity by the international community, while juggling with its own internal issues, Pakistan continues to lose its ground in the international field. However, its government does not let down its stand. With few alliances to trust and a handful of bonds to cherish, Pakistan will not give up, and its National Security Council will strive to achieve the dreams of its founding fathers.

Executive Board:

President: Neev Behal                            
National Security Advisor: Vedant Sagar


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Letter from the Executive Board

Greetings esteemed delegates,

My name is Neev Behal and it is my honour to serve as the Chair of the National Security  Council, Pakistan. Firstly, a little about myself - I just graduated from The Indian High School and of my most beloved hobbies are, aggressive debates, cringeworthy jokes and giving boring introductions of myself. Leaving all of that right where it should be (not here), it is oddly interesting and fun to become somebody you’re not, to immerse yourself in a culture to which you do not belong, and to stand for ideals and views, you may not believe in; is exactly why I love MUN. 

Moving on to the more important topic here, the National Security Council of Pakistan, chaired  by the Prime Minister, is the principal forum that is mandated for considering national security and foreign policy matters with the senior national security advisors and Cabinet ministers, the role of whom you delegates are going to do justice to. You delegates are going to be part of the Security Council of a country whose security situation is perhaps the most complicated one.

In Pakistan, there are several factors that can contribute to its betterment and numerous more that has, is and god forbid, will corrode the nation. It is up to you to make the right decisions at the right moments. Sustained democratic dispensation, political dialogue and civil rights play a vital role in Pakistan’s stability. Having the honour of being called one of the most unstable democracies is not quite something to be proud of. 

Your committee will be the target of my imagination. Your decisions and actions will  immediately affect the crisis at hand. The delegates will only be partially informed on their predicament prior to the conference, making for an unpredictable, urgent, but a thrilling and exciting experience. Pay attention to the following words, coined by an extremely wise man, 

“Remember. You're in it to win it. At least act like it. Thanks.”

- Quoted by Neev Behal, 2018

I expect all delegates to be well prepared in order to provide suitable solutions to the issue at  hand. Most importantly, I expect delegates to uphold the policies of their counterparts – because that is fundamental to a productive and exhilarating debate. 

While I will make sure that debate is productive, I will also do my best to ensure that it is fun and interactive at the same time. I can't guarantee your position in the committee, but I surely can guarantee your position on the edge of your seat throughout your time in this committee 

I only hope that delegates leave this MUN conference having learnt something new, with new  friends, fond memories, and a bunch of new Instagram followers that they will cherish for a lifetime. Buckle up for an unparalleled experience amidst thrilling challenges. 

I’ll see you there.

Until June,

Neev Behal,

Prime Minister - Pakistan


Neev Behal



Vedant Sagar

National Security Advisor