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State Affairs Commission of
the DPRK

Powerful and Prosperous Nation

DPRK Emblem

State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Arguably the most controversial nation, which doesn't fail to make headlines with its actions and decisions, the DPRK continues to stand strong in defiance to its Western counterparts, despite countless impeding measures and sanctions against it. The dream of a unified, powerful, stable and peaceful Korea reigns supreme, as the nation strides to eradicate the "Imperial evil" and achieve its ambitions, and it will be the State Affairs Commission, which shall protect, preserve and further the interests of the adversarial nation, even in the face of the most dire situations.

Executive Board:

Supreme Leader: Anirudh Ramalingam                        

Premier: Rushil Khare


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Letter from the Executive Board

Dearest Comrades and Workers, 

It gives me great pride and pleasure to welcome to yet another session of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea this summer.

As the Supreme Leader, I have always been tirelessly serving the people of my nation that seldom have I ever shared personal details. So here's a little about me. I am quite young, talented and have the knack of striking fear in the hearts of the residents of White House. Some notable interests of mine include watching TV shows (Netflix being the only worthwhile contribution of US) and launching rockets to make a point. Other times I sit and wonder about the mysteries of nature, pondering over the difference between America and youghurt with the latter developing culture a few centuries later.  I have tasted the flavours of various positions in different conferences and have finally decided the grace the DXBMUN Crisis Conclave with my presence as your Supreme Leader.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the epitome of MUN: suits, ties and sanctions. Time and again, imperialist forces have sought to destroy our great nation and yet have failed. What kept our nation standing was our firm resolve and dedicated leadership to which our people look to in this time of crisis. So let us fulfill our obligations to the great people of Korea and show the world that North Korea is the best Korea, soon it will be the only Korea and later there will be only Korea!

May the force be with you

Until June,

Warmest Regards and 안녕하세요

Anirudh Ramalingam,

of House Kim, First of his name, Protector of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Chairman of the Workers party Korea and Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Anirudh Ramalingam

Supreme Leader

Rushil Khare