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State Council of the People's Republic
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Distant from its polar image of the past, the adept manner in which China is spreading its dominance and fulfilling its interests across the international spectrum, has allowed it to call the shots from the shadows and gain an immense geopolitical edge. Even as the West becomes increasingly wary of its presence, it continues to foster its relations with it, and this can be alluded to its highly efficient leadership operating through the State Council, which will once again assert the nation's supremacy in times of crisis.

Executive Board:

President: Vishal Chandanani                             
Premier: Aditya Rangamani


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Letter from the Executive Board

Dear Delegates,

It is with my utmost honor that I welcome you to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China at the prestigious DXBMUN CC 2018. To break the ice, a little about myself, I’ve been an avid MUN'ner for many years, and have attended many conferences. I feel that an MUN provides a rather dynamic and fast paced medium for debate and discussion. I enjoy playing football, video games (who doesn’t) and watching T.V shows such as Suits and Boston Legal during my free time. My favourite subjects are mathematics and biology as well as a keen interest in Politics and International Relations. I am very fond of the Real Madrid football club and enjoy watching their matches.

Now the committee, People’s Republic of China is probably the fastest growing economy and the most populous which makes it a key player in not just Asia or the Indian Subcontinent but also the world. Armed with a formidable defense service and advanced weapons technology it can provide good competition for the title of ‘superpower’. It is also a key export and import hub for countries across Asia. Now keeping this in mind, it is the fundamental duty of the state council to discuss and deliberate to find ways to protect it’s country’s national interests.

The model of simulation that we will follow is of a crisis wherein a delegate’s ability to think, evaluate and speak on a topic evolving with the progress of the committee, is the fundamental challenge. Delegates will have to bring in their skills as critical thinkers and come up with not only feasible plans but also dynamic ones which are able to adapt to similar situations throughout the conference. Being inexperienced compared to others may seem daunting, while I will formally be the chairperson but will also be a mentor to the delegates on the side, because I firmly believe that it’s not the trophy that you take home, it’s the knowledge.

Best of Luck

Vishal Chandanani


People’s Republic of China

Vishal Chandanani



Aditya Rangamani