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Security Council
of the Russian Federation

Hail Mother Russia


Security Council of the Russian Federation

Rising from its Soviet ashes, the Russian Federation continues to garner greater standing and power in its own backyard and across the globe, putting it in a position reminiscent of its golden era. The Russian motherland's pride resides in its people and its able leadership, and the Security Council of the Russian Federation, will go to all lengths, to keep it intact. Hail Mother Russia.

Executive Board:

President: Arun Anand                                
Prime Minister: Muhammad Azzaam

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Letter from the Executive Board

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to DXBMUNCC 2018. 

The SCRF is, without a shred of a doubt, the most dynamic committee in MUN history. Whilst MUN normally aims to solve crises by intervening as an international body, a Security Council of a nation portrays the internal workings and decision making that a country undergoes simultaneously.

Formalities apart, Azzaam and I promise to be chairs who will maintain the equilibrium between stinging satirical remarks about the  Western-Capitalist-(excuse for a )-superpower and formal debate. 

As your chairpersons, we urge each and every delegate to critically examine their respective roles in the federation and powers within their mandate. Examine each other's powers within the mandate too. This will ensure and promote legitimate debate while in session.  

Understand that you are now Delegates of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, there will be no smiling outside of committee and during lunch breaks, only cold and/or hard foods may be consumed. There will be periodic breaks in committee session to sing the Russian National Anthem. Lastly, this committee is an opportunity for politicking, banter as well as formal debate. It is up to you, as a delegate, to ensure that not one of these aspects are compromised. 

Until June ,

Your Recently re-"elected" President,

Arun Anand

Security Council of the Russian Federation

P.S. The above details  ‚Äčare strictly confidential and must not be shared with any individuals outside of the Russian Federation, particularly our, *coughs*, orange faced counterparts.


Arun Anand



Muhammad Azzaam

Prime Minister