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White House National Security Council

Make America Great Again


White House National Security Council

With every step of the Trump Administraion on close watch, the United States of America strives to maintain its tremendous influence and power, though it continues to lose footing with its allies, However, its aggravatory and divergent role, in the fragile international geopolitical fabric, have not changed the fact that when crisis strikes, eyes will immediatedly turn to the nation, and when they do, the White House National Security Council will be there to assist the world's most powerful man. God Bless America.

Executive Board:

President: Umang Pandey                         
Vice President: Gaurav Chaand

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Letter from the Executive Board

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Greatest Nation. Welcome to the United States of America. Gone is the era of a superpower in both the West and the East, as the sole remaining superpower, the United States of America must rise to every situation that demands it to, to resolve and avert crises that stand at the world’s threshold and hence justify its stature and permanence in world geopolitics. While the nature of the current government may have proved to be the most controversial, the most radical that the nation has seen, it has also proved to be very well suited to meet and keep up to the American Dream. While the Trump Adminsitration holds fertile ground for dynamic and fast paced crises, it also shoulders the responsibility of fostering a Greater America.

Before you serve at the pleasure of the planet’s most powerful man and collectively work to counsel him, it is but natural to get acquainted with him. He likes to consider himself as a Grade 12 student of the Indian High School, though most are convinced he bribed his way so far up, owing to his immature mind and sense of humour, borrowed from kindergarten. Having chaired the White House National Security Council previously, as well, Umang comes with rich and varied experience in being a delegate as well as a member of the executive board, and harbours an ingrained passion for negotiating, lobbying, debating and deliberating. Serving as Vice President, is his batchmate, Gaurav Chaand, who is famed across the school for his outgoing attitude, ability to lighten up every situation and his very unique brand of making conversation. Having been in the MUN circuit for over 3 years, he’s shown tremendous growth to become an adept, highly competitive and brilliant debater today. Together they never back out from an aggressive and thoughtprovoking debate, a shawarma at the local cafeteria or disappointing their respective mothers. Armed with their vivacious personalities, loads of experience, and galvanizing crises, the executive board is set to ensure that the WHNSC becomes an enjoyable and memorable learning milestone in your MUN journey, regardless of whether it’s just the beginning of it, or whether it comes in the prime of it.

While going through the homepage of and replicating the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article, may seem enticing for other conventional committees, the fast-paced, ever-changing White House National Security Council, will demand a completely different skillset. While external and internal factors will influence every update, and every change, it will be the decisions taken by the delegates, the solutions brought up by them which will steer the United States to the light at the end of the tunnel. While nails will be bitten, voices will be raised, pen nibs will be broken, nerves will be wracked and the mercury will be made to soar, most of all, each delegate will come with an heart full of expectations, and go back with all of them exceeded and their mind full of learning, experience and exciting memories.

So, give it your best, research, research and research, and put yourself in the shoes of the ones running the world’s most important political machine, what would you do, when the world needs you?

Looking forward to greet your eager faces! 

Until June,


Executive Board 

White House National Security Council


Umang Pandey



Gaurav Chaand

Vice President