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Welcome to DXBMUN Crisis Conclave 2018

The first of its kind in the UAE

The DXBMUN Crisis Conclave, another accolade in the IHSMUN legacy, is set to simulate seven crisis
cabinets in a joint crisis simulation, the perfect stage for an adrenaline pumping crisis experience, that will
keep you on your toes, testing your skills against the clock and undoubtedly become the very best of
your Model United Nations journey.

Scheduled from the 29th to the 30th of June at the Indian High School, Dubai.

We anticipate your arrival.

CEO Ashok Kumar

Secretary General's Address

"Across my MUN experiences, one thing that has always captivated me are crises. I began my MUN career with a crisis committee and
bare knowledge of what that meant, but starting then, I have come to develop a fondness to the adrenaline rush when a new update arrives, to the heat of the debate and the accelerated nature of progression of
events. And I am not the only one who holds a view to that effect."

Activity Supervisor Sandeep Vashisht

From the MUN Director's Desk

"I would like to personally welcome each of you to the Indian High School’s Dubai Model United Nations Crisis Conclave 2018. It’s an exciting time for IHSMUN team to welcome young energetic delegates around the world to share new ideas and experiences they got from different MUNs." Continue..

MUN Director Abhilasha Chaube

Director General's Address

"Keeping up with tradition and beginning with a cliché, it’s my distinct pleasure as the Director-
General to welcome you to the Dubai Model United Nations Conference Crisis Conclave
2018, one of its very own.
My MUN journey began at the tender age of 14, where my first committee was a Security
Council. The crisis in the committee kept me on the move constantly although it was my first
MUN and since then I’ve never passed an eye for a crisis committee. "